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Wizard PK Ring G2 by Jim Trainer, World Magic Shop

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Effect: Developed by Jim Trainer, this is the Perfect PK Ring – even better than version 1.

So I’ve really liked the Elohim Ring for years now, but when this new Wizard PK ring came a long it was a no brainer. It looks very innocent, comes in 3 sizes to fit almost anyone and works very well with a lot of magnetic power. It kinds of reminds me of an ant, because you can pick up a lot bigger than the ring itself.

  • Make items such as cutlery or stationery move, using the power of a person’s mind.
  • Chopless chop-cup.
  • Coin vanishes and appearances.

If you ever need any sort of magnetism in your fingers, this is the way to go. It’s funny to note that in the last 13 years of marriage I have hardly ever taken off my wedding ring, but since I bought this ring I have been whipping it on and off all the time! The only comment I would make is that if you wear this ring full time I am pretty sure you will sooner or later destroy a credit card or two since I am you will rub the ring against the black strip.

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Approx. Price: $29.95 (2007) ***

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