Wise Dice by Jose De La Torre

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Effect: 1. Say, “HERE I HAVE A BOX WITH SIX DICE.” Point to the covered box. Continue, “THESE DICE ARE: PRINTED WITH SUITS OF CARDS. THEY ARE ALIVE AND CAN PRODUCE ANY CARD OF THE DECK.” Spectator chooses a card. (Really, you forcc the 4 of H.)

2. Uncover and open the box showing’the 4 of – (fig. 3). Close box (do no: snap it closed) and cover box again. Saw “I AM GOING TO REPEAT THE EFFECT. THIS TIME YOU ARE GOING TO HEAR THE NOISE WHEN THE DICE MOVE.”

3. Another card is chosen. (This time force the 3 of C.) Conclude this routine by producing the 3 of C.

A phenomenal visual effect. Comes complete with four different routines. Created by Jose de la Torre with hints and ideas by Fred Kaps, Paul Klinger, Slydini. Get it while they last

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