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Sea-Lings Whispering Dragons by Richard Gerlitz

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This is a high-end version of Charles Gauci’s Eye to Eye used by Richard with permission from Charles Gauci.

Effect: The Chinese Conjuror Sea-Ling had two loyal assistants, a Gold Dragon named Ting and a Green Dragon named Tang. The dragons disguised themselves as a pair of dice so they could easily circulate among the dynasty and report back to Sea-Ling. Sea-Ling would shake the dice by his ear, and the dragons would whisper their secrets. When resting, Ting and Tang were kept in an Ornate Red Chest. This century old chest was just recently discovered in China, and the performer was lucky enough to obtain it. He has been practicing communicating with the dragons.

While explaining the story of Sea-Lings Whispering Dragons, remove the lid and point out the two different dragons. Dump these into your hand and shake them close to your ear, demonstrating how Sea-Ling would get them to whisper their secrets to him. This tradition is carried on even today by professional dice players. Explain that while you haven’t gotten the dice to reveal the secrets of the orient to you, you have been able to get them to whisper their names: Ting is the Gold Dragon and Tang is the Green Dragon.

Offering to demonstrate this ability, hand the chest and dice to the spectator and turn your back. Instruct him to place one die in the chest (noting the color of the dragon) and replace the lid on the chest. While your back is still turned, reach behind you, and have him hand you the remaining die. Close your hand tightly around it and bring it up to your ear. Ask everyone to be real quiet as you shake the dice. Nod in agreement and say Ting tells me that Tang the Green Dragon, is in the chest or whichever is correct. Turn around and verify your prediction. Offer to demonstrate this mystery a second time, only this time while your back is turned, the spectator is to place one die in the chest and hold the other die in his closed fist. Have the spectator shake his fist close to your ear while you listen and predict the die in the chest.

Finally, have the spectator set the chest aside and put both hands behind his back. Have him place one die in each hand and close them. Now even he doesn’t know which dice are in which hand. Have him place one hand by each of your ears and shake. You will again correctly predict which die is in which hand. To finish, place the dice back into the Special Red Chest, and you are ready to perform again.

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Approx. Price: $100.00 (2002) ***

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2 reviews for Sea-Lings Whispering Dragons by Richard Gerlitz

  1. Andy Martin

    Another nice one from Gerlitz!

    This is another clever and beautifully made effect from Richard Gerlitz, from his lower priced collection!

    Although, its hard to really say choosing one out of two can be magical with the routine and sublties that Richard has placed into this effect is a rare little fooler.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever be buying his big and beautiful stuff again, but with these smaller pieces at least it keeps me happy!

  2. George Guerra

    Nice props but great patter

    Another “inexpensive” item from the workshop of Richard Gerlitz. The props are nice but what sells this piece is the beautifully thought out patter and routine. It’s quite entertaining and a real fooler. It has never failed to leave that awe look on people at the end of the routine. Again, this item is a limited edition and serially numbered effect, so it will not be available for a long time. There are probably a handful left as I write this.

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