Wedding Rings by Hank Lee

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This gimmicked lock was sold by Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. It was a simple wheel combination lock gimmicked to open easily if the right parameters were set, namely a couple’s wedding year. Several similar locks have been offered over the years, although this one had dials at the bottom, not on the side. This type of layout would make it a bit easier for a spectator to line up the proper numbers. Some locks with wheels on the side do not make it clear where the numbers are to be aligned.

Effect: Ask for the help of two people in the audience who are having or have recently had a wedding anniversary. Explain that you want to help them celebrate with a little magic! Borrow their wedding rings. Lock both rings onto a four-dial combination padlock! Hand the lock back to the couple and invite them to come up with a “magic” combination number to open it.

For example, you might have them add their ages to the number of their children. No luck! Try again, this time asking them to use the numbers of their address. Still no luck! Uh-oh! Finally, ask them to dial in the year of their wedding, say 1965. They dial in the numbers 1, 9, 6 and 5 and, Presto, the lock pops open and their rings are freed! Wedding Rings is a self-working marvel filled with romantic appeal. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser that will not only amaze but charm your audience. Comes with a specially gimmicked combination padlock and complete instructions. No reset. No force of any kind.

Text Source: Locked by Jim Kleefeld

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