Wedding Band Ellis Ring by Joe Porper

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The Jardine Ellis Ring was invented by Scottish magician Jardine Ellis (Duncan Lorne Campbell) c. 1921.

Effect: One of the great classic items in the world of magic is the Jardine Ellis Ring. The basic concept is a metal harness ring with a fitted shell. Little has been published recently, but one of the classic publications was John Howie’s fine book, Jardine Ellis Ring Magic. Copyright for this book belongs to Martin Breese, and thanks to his kindness allows us to re-write and publish material from that book that would work with Porper’s new Wedding Band version of the classic Jardine Ellis Ring.

Porper’s new concept, a wedding band made like an Ellis Ring allows you to do things like Ring on Stick and Ring and String effects almost self-working, requiring little or no difficult sleight-of-hand.

Endorsed by Michael Weber, R. Paul Wilson and Dean Dill. Available in Gold or Silver plate

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