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Wandering Mummy (Die Wandernde Mumie) by Tony Lackner, Harold Voit

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In the 1970’s, the German inventive powerhouse Herbert Martin Paufler created a number of versions of the Mummy.  He showed them to his friend, the prolific and creative, Tony Lackner who in 1982 went on to create one of the most popular and widespread versions of the Wandering Mummy (Die Wandernde Mumie) which was released by Harold Voit and Zauber Zentrale (and also later the Ace Place).

This was the first Wandering Mummy that I ever saw, and I was instantly smitten, like so many before and after me.

Effect: Two sarcophagi are shown. One has a mummy inside, the other does not. The story revolves around the way the Egyptians used to guard against ‘grave robbers’ which were prevalent at that time. The mummy is placed into one sarcophagus and the lid closed; When the grave robbers broke into the sarcophagus for the Pharaoh’s treasure which was always buried with him, they found nothing … and left empty-handed. The mummy was of course safe and sound in the other sarcophagus!

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