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Wand and Block Mystery (Würfel-Mysterium) by Magiro, Cannon Magic

(c. 1983,2002) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is one of Magiro’s best and most  convincing illusions and the original is here: Würfel-Mysterium.  This set was most likely made by Cannon Magic (later Weiss Cannon) in Germany, a company started by Siegfried Weiss (aka Siegfried von Cannon).

Effect: Ask a spectator to examine two solid wooden blocks, as well as a solid magic wand. They are all really totally solid. Cover the props with a beautiful plastic tube and you are ready to go. Take the magic wand and make it penetrate, first through the upper block, then right through to the lower block. It looks like real magic! Immediately, hand out all the props for examination! You have never seen anything like this before. Neither has your audience!

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Approx. Price: $54.50 (2002) ***

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3 reviews for Wand and Block Mystery (Würfel-Mysterium) by Magiro, Cannon Magic

  1. Roberto Breyer


    Nice well made props. I have never seen this method before on any penetration effect: brilliant and simple!!!

  2. Andy Martin

    Well this is a sweet one from Hank!

    This effect put me back on the Hank wagon! Its a very clever penetration effect with what looks like a new method. The props, for the price, are great too!

    I have got to believe that this will blow away most lay people and magicians alike. Clever and Cool, just the way we like them. Thanks Hank, for bringing Magiro to the platform!

  3. Daniel D

    You have to tip your hat to this one.

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