Vintage Locking Flying Ring + Other by Unknown

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A couple of random Flying Ring’s similar to the one I purchased from Ron Macmillan.

Effect: Performer borrows any finger ring. It is cleanly and openly placed into the left fist. The right hand is shown to be absolutely and genuinely empty. To ensure that the ring cannot escape up the sleeve, the spectator firmly grasps performer’s wrist Now, using his free, and empty right hand, performer reaches into his trouser pocket and removes his closed key case. The case is flipped open and the keys are seen dangling from the clips. But there, amongst the keys is seen the SPECTATORS VERY RING. Performer slowly opens his right fist and sure enough it is seen to be empty. The ring is removed from the clip and returned to the spectator. This is brilliant, entertaining magic of the highest order.

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2013) ***

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