Versa Paddle by Trickery

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Effect: The Versa~Paddle is truly the most versatile paddle you will own. Hand-made from Mahogany wood, it is also a collectible piece of magic you will treasure for years to come. Many Hot Rod type effects are possible as well as the classic Money Paddle routine.

You are supplied with the Versa~Paddle, a small drawstring bag containing six colored gems; two of the same color gems, a mirror and three elastic bands. The gems will vary with each order. Gemstones simulate Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst or Citrine.


  • Gem Generation From your drawstring bag three gemstones are poured onto the table. The paddle is shown empty on both sides. Place one gem onto the paddle and give a snap of your fingers. It magically generates a second gemstone on the other side. Another gemstone is placed on the paddle. A second snap and another appears on the other side. This is repeated a third time, and of course, a third gemstone is replicated. Six gemstones are removed from both sides of the paddle and placed back into their drawstring bag. In an instant, all gems vanish from the bag and reappear back on the paddle! It looks rather startling to your audience!
  • Change Up (Les Albert) Show an empty paddle. Place one gem at the top on one side of the paddle. Make a gesture towards the paddle with your empty hand and magically the gem travels to the other end of the paddle! Watch as the gem seems to become animated, jumping up and down the paddle in front of your audience. Conclude with a vanish or whatever you’d like.

    Strato-Paddle The effect is the same as Strat-o-Shere only done with three different colored gems and a paddle. Show the paddle to be empty on both sides. Remove three gems and place them on one side of the paddle. Have a spectator note their color order. With a quick shake of the paddle, the gems are now arranged in a completely different order! Remove the top gem and place it in your pocket. As the spectator looks at the two gems left on the paddle, the one that has vanished instantly reappears! It looks very visual. Hand the paddle and gems to them for examination if you’d like!

  • Classic Hot Rod Here you can accomplish the Classic Hot Rod effect with the gems. This can be done with just three different colored gems. Three different colored gems are shown to be identical on both sides of the paddle. A spectator is asked to select a number between one and three. The colored gem at that number becomes their selection. Remove a small drawstring bag from your pocket and explain that it contains your prediction. As you give the bag a shake, you appear surprised. Inside are three different colored gems! As you turn the paddle over, there is a folded paper prediction attached to the paddle by paper clip. When the spectator opens it, it shows the name of the color that matches his selection.
  • Classic Cash Paddle The paddle is shown empty on both sides except for three rubber bands. A nickel, dime and quarter are placed under each band. As each is placed, another coin of its type appear on the other side of the paddle! To prove your money has doubled, you remove all six coins! Suddenly, a dollar bill appears on the paddle! Then a twenty!

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