Devil’s Coin Bank (Ultra Coin Bank, Devil’s Coin Box) by Viking Mfg., Brema

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The Devil’s Bank was originally created by Carl Brema c. 1926 and the Ultra Coin Bank takes the finest version of Carl’s work and when added with George Robinson’s unique addition of a built-in rattle set this apart from any such box previously offered and brings this effect into the new millennium.

Effect: A beautifully turned brass box resembling a small coin bank is displayed by the performer. A spectator is asked to mark a fifty cent piece for future identification and place it within the little bank. This brass box is held by the spectator yet mysteriously the marked coin VANISHES without a trace. Box may be minutely examined.

The vanished coin may be reproduced using a Viking Quarter-Go or any number of production devices on the market. Superior quality. Uses quarters or half dollars.

SPECIAL NOTE: WITH OUR RATTLE FEATURE. THE COIN MAY BE HEARD’ WITHIN THE BOX UNTIL THE LAST MOMENT, EVEN THOUGH IT HAD GONE “SOUTH” MUCH EARLIER. This unique feature allows the magician’s hands to be seen completely empty complimenting a dynamite vanish.

Routine:  Place the box on the table and state that you found this interesting coin bank in an antique shop. “What makes it interesting is that it is a prototype and was never intended for use. You see, there is no way to get the coins out once you have dropped them through the slot” (at this point, hand the box around and let a couple of people examine it). (Taking the box back, you continue) “This makes it a perfect isolation chamber in which to conduct magical experiments. Let’s try something unusual. Does anyone have a fifty-cent coin? I like to use these, as it is much more visual. If not, I happen to have one and we’ll use it if you don’t mine… Great”, (if no one has a coin, use your own).

“Please do me a favor. Place this little paper sticker (Dennison 1/2″ dot) on the coin and write your initial s on it so we can recognize the coin later. Now drop it into the ‘isolation chamber’. Notice that even if I shake the box, the coin will not come out through the slit”. (Perform the move.)

Give the box a shake and the rattle will give the impression that the coin is still inside. Now, the rattle does not make the same sound as the coin, but it is close enough. Just give the box a couple of slight shakes to cement the fact that the coin is still inside. You can now produce the coin in any fashion you wish, using a nest of boxes, a Viking Quarter-Go Box or what have you.

“O.K. now do me a favor. If you would, please place your hand over the top of the box and make sure nothing gets in or out. I have another little box in my pocket, a wooden box, locked up tight. I’d like you to hold this on the palm of your other hand. Good.. Notice it is locked with a pad lock and here is the key. Believe it or not, I will now cause your marked coin to vanish from the sealed brass box and enter the locked chest. Are you ready? I don’t even want to touch anything so help me out. At the count of three I will cause the coin to vanish. One…Two…Three, quick, shake the brass box. Nothing!”

“Now shake the wooden box. Can you hear something inside? Please use the key and open the chest. Let’s see if our experiment has been successful.. Is that the marked coin? Are those your initials. Thank you very much!”


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