Ultimate Multiplying Rabbits by Eddie Ace

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Eddie Ace produces the absolute best sponge products for magicians today, bar none. His creations are truly Cadillacs in an area of prop-making almost exclusively inhabited by Yugos. In addition to his beautiful sponge rabbits, he makes teddy bears, frogs, turtles, pigs and lots more. You can see Eddie’s Ultimate Multiplying frogs here.

Effect: The performer places Poppa Rabbit into his hand and Momma into the spectator’s hand. A few magic words and that ever-loving couple are both in her hand. Momma and Poppa are then placed back into the spectator’s hand and when they open it again, lo and behold, there are Momma, Poppa and four little bunnies. For the climax, the four baby bunnies are picked up and placed into the hand along with Momma and Poppa. A magical pass and when the performer opens his hand, the baby bunnies have vanished and only Momma and Poppa remain.

(Jim Sisti – The Magic Menu, July/August 1997)

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