The Twins by Frank Starsinic

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Effect: Now includes Simon Lovell’s eye-popping effect Packed Wallet!!! In time-honored fashion a chosen card is found in the magician’s wallet. The magician offers to repeat the effect, under test conditions. After some amusing bits of business, the deck is squeezed between the magician’s hands until one card remains; the selection. Neatly packed away inside the wallet…
…the rest of the deck!

More info about the wallets:

  • When holding an entire deck of cards, this wallet will still feel slim in your pocket. In fact, you could easily keep 2 of these wallets, packed with cards in any coat pocket or even a shirt pocket.
  • These wallets are perfect for deck switches and many card-to-wallet routines.
  • Oh, yes… One of the wallets is slightly different. When you get your wallets, look closely. You’ll notice that one of them has an extra feature. A clever feature that you’ll be able to use for many other effects.
  • To demonstrate how the added feature can be used I’m including my Invisible Deck routine “How’d We Do It?”. 
    This will show just one type of effect that can be used with the wallets. 
    If you’ve been wondering how to take the heat of of The Invisible Deck or how to get guaranteed applause, this trick is for you!
  • Other tips on uses for the wallets will be included with your purchase. 

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