Time Will Tell by Ray Piatt, Lisa Piatt

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A great double prediction from Ray and List Piatt from their early days creating amazing magic.  As Ray says about this effect: “I have always enjoyed doing this effect. During the last 20 years or so I have altered the ways I do it. This latest version I really love and it has become my all time favorite.”

Effect: a clock face is shown with a single hour hand.  A deck of cards is also introduced that is ungimmicked.  The spectator thinks of any hour and counts of that number of cards (while your back is turned) and places the cards in their pocket or out of sight.  Twelve cards are now dealt around the clock face and the performer places an envelope down on the table.

For the first time the spectator reveals the hour they chose by moving the hand to the time.  All of the other cards are turned over to show they are different, and then the one at their hour is turned over.  Now the prediction is removed from the envelope and not only does it correctly name the card chosen, but also the hour they freely chose.

  • No nail-writers
  • Any hour can be chosen
  • Simple and clean double prediction

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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