Tile Deal by Winston Freer, Karl Norman

(c. 1976,1986) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Wow! Winston Freer was a Genius! What an incredible miracle this effect is! Very different in method from anything similar that I have seen. This is based on a principle developed by Paul Curry called the Curry Paradaox c. 1953. However Freer adds an ingenious allowance for the area lost by redistribution which allows you to show the area to be EXACTLY THE SAME, before and after the removal of three tiles.

This version is much more cheaply made than the one by John Rogers. It works the same way and some may feel it is more authentic but I’d go with the John Rogers version if I had a choice.

Effect: In a nutshell the effect is this: a puzzle fills a frame and is made up of 10 different sized pieces with 7 x 9 = 63 squares. On 3 successive tries a single tile is removed. Each time the puzzle can be quickly reassembled and each time there are 63 squares. In the end, the puzzle is put back into the frame, and even though 3 squares are missing it still fits the frame precisely the same as when you started.

Now for the good news, nothing is added or taken away, the props and moves look clean, and there are no false compartments or slides. It really is as clean as it looks and reset is as easy as counting from 1 to 10! Learning to actually do the moves will take five minutes or so, however, performing it will take a little longer so that the presentation flows nicely with the amazing effect. The routine that is included is an entertaining story involving the Theory of Relativity and comes with written directions and a DVD. On the DVD John Rogers performs the effect and includes basic instructions and performance tips.

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