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Thru-N-Thru (Teak) by Alan Warner

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This is a teak remake of the earlier version of Thru-N-Thru here.

Leave it to Alan to add a twist to Ed Massey’s masterful creation Ribbon Fantastique. Two, not one, slotted cards are shown, one dark and one light teak. One is chosen and both cards placed in a beautiful teak holder with a large hole so that the two cards can become trapped to each other by lacing them with a black shoe string. Concentrate and the chosen card rises up loose from it’s string entrapment. Great magic and outstanding props.

Effect: A simple wooden frame two pieces of teak (one light, the other dark and both with four small holes punched through them), and a black shoe-lace are the props used in this mystifying little close-up effect.

A spectator is given A FREE CHOICE of either the light or dark piece of teak, both of which are then slipped into the frame. The black shoe-lace is threaded backwards and forwards through the four small aligned holes, thus binding the two pieces of plastic securely together; however, in spite of this, as the performer holds the frame in front of him, the spectator is startled to see THE SELECTED PIECE OF TEAK slowly rising out of the top of the frame, MYSTERIOUSLY PENETRATING THE SHOE-LACE which is still threaded through the piece of teak remaining in the frame.

The design of Thru ‘N’ Thru allows the props to be examined and makes the effect simple to work.

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1 review for Thru-N-Thru (Teak) by Alan Warner

  1. Andy Martin


    I’ve seen many versions of the Ed Massey effect Ribbon Fantastique and liked many of them because it is such a clean effect. However, this new version by my good friend Alan Warner is easily my favorite. It looks better than his early painted version, which was also a beauty, and thanks to the clever use of two plaques instead of one the effect is really quite remarkable.

    It works basically the same way as the original, but now the spectator can choose either of the plaques and that is the only one that penetrates the shoelace and frame. Also because this unit is much smaller than the traditional versions it is easy to carry around and perform close-up.

    If you don’t know how this works you will be very pleased as the method is simple and diabolical and a fooler for sure. It is instantly reset and there is nothing added or taken away.

    I really love this new release by the Master of Mini-Magic: Alan Warner! If I have one complaint it would be: it is too cheap!

    Highly Recommended for performers and collectors everywhere!

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