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Thoughts Transformer (Gedanken Transformator) by Thomas Pohle

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Another great close-up item from the German Magic Craftsman: Thomas Pohle. (Notice: There is another effect called Gedanken Transformator c. 1991 by another equally prolific and talented German craftsman Tony Lackner but apart from name they have no relationship.)

They give viewers a front and rear open frame and two hexagonal boxes for studying. You ask him to give a small object, which he has with him in one of the two cans and seal them. Since two different color dots are embedded in the lid of the two doses, the viewer can remember exactly with its object. If he performs the acts referred to, turn around or even leave the room. So you really have no idea where the object is!

Then you turn back to the table, put the two cans into the frame and show the whole thing from all sides before. Then explain that the frame was a thought transformer that would give you which box is located the subject. After you have called the right box, ask the audience if he was quite sure to have the item actually placed in this box. Of course it is safe. But here’s the thing: When he opens the box called, it is empty! The subject matter is now in the other box!

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1 review for Thoughts Transformer (Gedanken Transformator) by Thomas Pohle

  1. Andy Martin

    Another unique item from German master craftsman Thomas Pohle. This appears to be the forerunner to the very rare Treasure Chamber of The High Priest as the effect is similar, but the apparatus is a completely different design.

    A small open frame cabinet is shown which holds two hexagonal shaped boxes. One has a blue spot on the cover, the other yellow. With the performer’s back turned, a a spectator is told to place any small item in one of the boxes and remember which color box the object is in. The performer then slides the boxes back into the cabinet which is shown all around. Asking the spectator to concentrate on the chosen box, the performer names it. He then takes the experiment one step further and asks the spectator to open the chosen box. The box is found to be empty. When they open the other box, their personal item is now found inside … having transported from one box to the other.

    The amazing magic and craftsmanship of Thomas Pohle has long been unsung, and thanks to some initial exposure from Joe Long (who wrote the description) I am trying to help Thomas become a household name in the USA and beyond. Thomas certainly deserves it after creating beautiful, clever magic for over thirty years!

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