Think A Drink by Ted Lesley

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This has potential for sure, unfortunately the gimmick was a little too small for my fingers but in the rights hands this would go down a storm.  This is probably more for the serious performer rather than average collector/hobbiest.

Effect: This is an unbelievable effect for the professional “Close – Up” or “Cabaret” Entertainer

The performer invites a spectator to “have a drink” at his “magic bar” Then the entertainer takes an envelope out of his pocket that contains five laminated, blank faced playing cards. Each card is imprinted with a different drink. The cards are turned face, down and shuffled by the performer and the spectator is instructed to call “STOP” anytime during the shuffle. The card stopped at is remembered by the spectator. Then the cards are put back into the envelope and handed to the spectator to hold.

From another pocket, the entertainer takes a small leather bag and announces, that he will attempt to divine the drink thought of, mentally, “inside the bag”, he says, “is my concentration aid to do things like that.” He then takes a small glass out of the bag, which is put on the table or is given to the spectator to hold. Now the performer concentrates very hard, using the glass as a “Crystal Ball”. The assisting spectator also is asked to look into the glass and think of the drink he or she has in their mind.

After concentrating and having trouble, the performer asks for the envelope back. The flap of the envelope is opened by the performer. The envelope is inverted and liquid is poured from it right into the glass. It turns out to be the very same drink of which the spectator is thinking! Everything is handed out for examination at the end. There is nothing to find!

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