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The Zambini Box by Eddie Gibson

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Before the Zambini Box came out JB Magic had an effect called Coin Press c. 2003 that used a gold dollar coin, but they are no longer available.  The Coin Press was a more realistic effect because instead of just have a picture of the coin to be stamped they actually had an engraved image that was reversed, as it would be for a real press.

Effect:  The Zambini Box is self working, no skill required except skill in presentation: The box and lid are shown together with a small brass disc or slug the size of a coin. The brass disc is placed into the box and the lid is repositioned on the box. The above patter can be recited, and the magic words “HAKIM ZAMBINI” spoken as the lid is removed to reveal that the brass disc has been converted into a £1 Coin.

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1 review for The Zambini Box by Eddie Gibson

  1. Andy Martin

    What a clever idea this is from one of the original coin masters: Eddie Gibson.  The amazing Zambini Box!  You show the box with the pound coin stamp in the two halves and you add one of the blank brass disks and after a suitable gesture you open the Zambini Box to show the disk has now been transformed into a bonafide coin.  Looks great and easy to do of course.  Comes complete with all the coins you need to perform the effect out of the box.

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