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The Snapper (Exotic) by Colin Rose

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The classic Snapper trick invented by G.W. Hunter c. 1910.  Joe Berg was granted early manufacturing rights by Horace Goldin and G.W. Hunter  c. 1925.   But it wasn’t long before it was being manufactured by others. Other early versions were created by Thayer c. 1936 as The Demon Snapper Trick.  Although often ignored it really is a great little pocket trick with no set-up and very likely to drive the uninitiated crazy.  Colin’s version is perfectly proportioned and looks wonderful.

Effect: This small magic pocket trick has fooled thousands of people over the years and it’s success is in it’s simplicity. The Audience see you apparently catch the elastic band contained in the lower half of the apparatus onto a hook on the upper half. In fact, it is impossible to do, so no matter how hard they try they always fail and yet the Magician does it every time!

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