The Precious Die (Kostbarer Würfel) by Thomas Pohle

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From Thomas’ Black-Gold Series (Schwarz-Gold-Serie) another beauty that only Thomas knows how to create.  If you have never handled any of his work it is amazingly light and intricate and a joy to perform.

This is probably the cleverest and most perplexing of the Black-Gold Series items. You start by showing the beautiful props: ornate cover, black and gold die on a mini pedestal and a thin skeletal frame the shape of the die.  

You cover the die with the frame and place the lid over the die on the pedestal.  Say the magic words: “Germany’s Favorite Magic Craftsman” and when you lift the lid the frame is still there but the die has impossibly been transformed into a silk handkerchief. How did the die escape the frame?  It seems impossible, but for Thomas it is just another day of amazing magical creations!

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