The Oracle’s Dream (Traumorakel) by Herbert Martin Paufler

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Another beauty from the amazing Herbert Martin Paufler. Only six of these were ever made. Paufler was the originator of this effect, and one of the fathers of the use of electronics in magic. This is based upon Karl Edler’s Three Mummies effect using electronics for the method. 

Several years after this effect was created a smaller version was sold by Mephisto-Huis under the well known name of Stones of the Pharaohs. Paufler was also the creator of The Hand of Cleopatra. He was also a very good friend of Tony Lackner.

Effect: The spectator chooses one of the three mummies and places it in the sarcophagus and then into the display box. The other two mummies are hidden. Then following an interesting story, the color of the chosen mummy begins to shine in the top pyramid.

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