The Mummy by Inzani-Henley

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The first time the Wandering Mummy was available from a Magic dealer was in the mid 1950’s from the German Magic Dealer Joe Wildon.  These were manufactured by Oskar Rey and were almost the same as the set produced by Inzani-Henley in England but almost ten years earlier.  Remo Inzani and John Henley obtained the rights in the early 60’s to craft and sell The Wandering Mummy in their own catalog and it first appeared in 1964.

Effect: IT FLOATS! IT VANISHES (from one coffin)! IT REAPPEARS (in another)! This is really unusual off-beat magic and is best summed up by these two reviews which appeared in the Abracadabra:

  • “A beautiful outfit for the table worker – a transposition of a Mummy from one lovely
    sarcophagus to another . This is not a cheap item, but it is first rate apparatus that produces top-class magic.”
  • “Having enthused over THE MUMMY, the table apparatus routine showed by Inzani-Henley, I have now had the opportunity of examining and presenting the item and find my admiration in no way diminished. The apparatus intended looks splendid at close quarters (as it is intended to be workd) and the Mummy not only floats but makes its way from one coffin to the other. All the performer has to do is tell his story and follow the instructions.  It is good and good-looking magic.”

It is the sort of apparatus laymen expect magicians to have!

The two coffins (5 1/2″ x 2 1/2″  x 2 1/2″) are well made and each lid is decorated with a ‘hand carved’ figure … one of a Mummy and the other a Sphinx head. The Mummy itself is brightly colored, and the patter story is factual.

To read my patter based on these instructions see here.

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Approx. Price: $395.00 (2016) ***

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