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Tai Chi Sword by Rip Van Winkle

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Effect: Rip Van Winkle created the closet thing to a Collector’s high-end version of Tenyo’s popular Crystal Clever. Unlike Magic Wagon‘s version, Rip’s version works almost the same was as Tenyo’s with  effectively the same method and release mechanism, this means there are no real moves to release the gimmick.

It is a beautiful piece of magic and works perfectly. The inner workings are is clever as the outside is beautiful with full attention to detail.

These are very rare and my understanding there are only five like this version created.

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Approx. Price: $525.00 (2010) ***

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1 review for Tai Chi Sword by Rip Van Winkle

  1. Shannon Cunningham


    This is one of my favorite pieces from Rip Van Winkle. As a Tenyo collector I always loved the Crystal Clever, but wished the quality was not of the typical plastic they use. Well Mr. Vanwinkle has made a beautiful version of Collector quality to truly adorn. The version I own has a classic look that he made only three of a few years back. Recently he made two of the Exotic version like the one on this site for a total of five. They work on the same principle as the Tenyo Crystal Clever does so there is no funny move to release the gimmick. The inner workings are is clever as the outside is beautiful with full attention to detail. As with all Rip Van Winkle magic he only makes a couple and I am very fortunate to own this piece. If you ever get a chance to own a piece of his magic please do so as the quality is right there with the best.

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