Table Top Hopping Half by Doug Gorman, Todd Lassen

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The Hopping Half is perhaps the most popular set of gimmicked coins ever with the first ones available in the 1960s.  Easy to perform, with no palming and minimal sleight of hand. The Hopping Half is also the most versatile coin set one can buy, especially for someone coming aboard coin magic for the first time. The gaffs can be used individually for other effects as the most important gaffs make up this set.

Doug Gorman wanted to have a table top presentation of this classic effect and created some wooden containers to assist in this which you see here, using a beautiful set of coins from Todd Lassen.

Effect: Two coins are shown, a Half Dollar and an English Penny. One of the coins is dropped into your pocket and it immediately reappears back in your hand. The other coins is placed in your pocket and it too hops back. The effect is repeated again and finally, when the poor spectator is about to give up, you open your hand and to his astonishment everything has vanished!

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Approx. Price: $150.00 (2005) ***

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