Super Screw by Vienna Magic

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Effect: From Vienna Magic in 1992, it’s Super Screw!  Bring out the Super Screw. It’s an odd piece of machined aluminum hardware. One end consists of a large disc. The other end is threaded. In addition, you have two large discs which can be threaded onto the end of the Super Screw. Hand everything out for examination. It all seem s quite innocent.

Ask a spectator for the loan of a finger ring. Place the ring onto the main shaft of the Super Screw. Thread on the two large discs, locking the ring in place. There is no way the ring can come off without unscrewing the discs. Cover everything with a handkerchief. Say the magic words. In one second, you whip off the handkerchief and the ring is gone!!

It reappears in a locked box, or inside your coat pocket, or in a ring box, or wherever you like! Wow! And, you can hand everything out at the end! Super Screw is 100% mechanical. Made to exacting Austrian standards.  A great piece of close-up magic.

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Approx. Price: $45.00 (2005) ***

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