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Stuck In Time by Tom Yurasits

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Effect: The magician borrows a ring from a spectator and places it in a black velvet ring box and asks the spectator to hold onto the box for safe keeping. He goes on to explain that the hand is quicker than the eye and that his hands are the fastest around and he would like to prove it to the audience. He takes out another ring box just like the first except this one is covered in red velvet. He shows it to be empty and places it onto the table. He then brings out an hourglass timer that he says has only enough sand in it to time up to ten seconds. He places it onto the table. He asks the spectator to turn over the timer when ever she wants and he will then have only 10 seconds to make the ring vanish from the black ring box that is in her hand and re-appear in the red ring box on the table.

The spectator turns over the hourglass and the magician makes a magical pass over the black ring box, then makes a magical pass over the red ring box. “Done” he explains. He asks the spectator to open the black ring box and the ring is gone. He then asks her to open the red ring box and show the ring to the audience. She opens the red ring box but is shocked to see an empty ring box. The magician explains that something went wrong and the ring must have gotten, “Stuck In Time”. He then points to the hourglass on the table and inside is the borrowed ring. He explains there are two ways to get it out. One by breaking the glass which is a little messy, or two, he can unscrew the three little nuts on top and take it out. The magician unscrews the top three nuts and has the spectator reach in the hourglass and remove her borrowed ring!

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