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Stones of Tutankhamun, The by Doug Gorman, Jim Riser

Another great close-up item from Doug Gorman, Jim Riser.

Approx. Price: $325.00 (05/2004) ***

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3 reviews for Stones of Tutankhamun, The by Doug Gorman, Jim Riser

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andy Martin

    Wow! Look at these Beauties!

    So if you’re looking for rare quality then look no futher than this wonderful routine by Doug Gorman using some beautiful, unique ball vases created especially for the effect by the quality craftsmanship of Jim Riser. At this time only ten sets have been made, so I suggest you get your order in fast!

    Here is the routine:

    Two ball vases are introduced, along with two colored stones: one white and one black. A stone is put in front of each vase. The lids are removed to show the balls match the colors of the stones. The balls are put in the performer’s pockets, but they immediately return to their respective vases. The stones’ locations are switched. When the lids are removed, the balls have transposed to match the stones in front of the vases! The balls are again pocketed. The stones are returned to their original locations. When the lids are removed, the balls have returned, again following their respective stones! One last time, the balls are pocketed. The black and white stones are rubbed vigorously between the palms. When they are dropped to the table, they have turned red! The lids are removed from the vases, and the balls have returned again, but this time they, too, are both red!

    You receive two Riser ball vases: one in mahogany and one in Brazilian
    satinwood. You also receive six balls and four colored stones, plus a DVD and written instructions for the routine. Please note that no shells are included, as they are not needed for the routine. Price is $325.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra

    Great Title..Great Routine

    Finally picked up the parcel from Doug this morning and found inside No.4 of this little series and it’s a very impressive item! Jim Riser is to be commended on the props. I have yet to be disappointed with his workmanship and his stuff is truly collector quality. The routine is enlightning and entertaining. Doug gives you a professional quality video guide to the routine along with a booklet, but it’s the DVD-ROM disc that gives you the details. It was fortunate that I gave my wife for Mother’s Day yesterday a new Apple iBook, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to play the disc!

    As already mentioned this is an all sleight of hand routine but as Doug commented in the video it does blow away at one point in the effect those who suspect a shell. It’s pricey but considering the props, the instructional media, and professional quality of the routine, I would say it’s money well spent..well, at least, I am happy and I tend to be rather picky in selecting magic for my collection as Andy will attest.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Julian Burt

    Exquisite workmanship, amazing performance

    I was extremely fortunate to see Doug perform The Stones of Tutankhamun a few weeks ago. I was able to examine the props up close and the craftsmanship is exquisite and heirloom/museum quality. Doug’s performance was equally as impressive and spellbinding. This is a must have item for both the professional and collector.

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