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Spots Before Your Eyes (Dice Shocker) by Lubor Fiedler, Ron MacMillan

(c. 1968,1977) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

One of my favorite effects as a teenager!  I remember being blown away by this after I received it from Ron MacMillan’s International Unique Magic Studio. This of course is better known as Lubor Fiedler’s Dice Shocker (or sometimes: Shock Dice, Shock Die), it is a true beauty and very startling to watch.

It was sold by Supreme c. 1969 and Tannen’s c. 1970 and they were purchasing directly from Lubor Fielder in Austria. It is not the same as Lubor Wurfel or Lubor Die which is another name for Gozinta Die or Boxes.

Effect: A large die, with BLACK spots, is placed into a wine glass. The die is shown ALL AROUND by turning the glass — the spots are BLACK. SUDDENLY the glass is shaken and ALL the BLACK spots instantly become WHITE, SHOWN ON ALL SIDES I The die starts six uppermost, and finishes with the six uppermost. Visual magic at its best — can be done as CLOSE to the spectators as you wish.

They see the miracle. You get two dice — a beautifully made fake die, which works automatically, and a duplicate for switching.

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Approx. Price: $60.00 (1980) ***

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