Spirit Dice by Magiro

(c. 1985)

This is one of the cleverest devices I have seen by the always amazing Magiro.  This device allows you to change the die in full view to any number they choose. No complex electronics, magnets or threads but a very fine solution that you could never think of unless you were shown. This was originally released by Eckhard Boettcher and is now hard to find.

The performer introduces a small tray that has a round holder in the middle. He explains that he will place a die into the holder and then cover it with a lid. The die will serve as the magician’s prediction.

Next a spectator is asked to name any of the six sides of the die or he could roll another dice to arrive at a number (really, it is completely free which of the sides is named). When the lid is removed it is seen that the selected number of the die is pointing up.

Approx. Price: $149.00 (2017) ***

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