Solid Brass Ribbon Release by Bob Solari Magic

(c. 1938,1994) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This effect was first released by Fred Clark c. 1938 as Ribbon Release.  This particular effect is easy to do once you have the knack, and it is particularly clever as a ribbon release because nothing is added or taken away.  But you have to get the knack first.

Bob Solari released a series of Classic Collectibles in the early 1990’s.  All of the pieces were well made in Solid Brass, they looked great, were solidly made, and worked perfectly.  The effects in the series included:

Effect: Performer displays a SOLID BRASS block with two holes running through it, A SOLID BRASS peg also with a hole running through it, and a length of ribbon. The peg is placed in the block and the ribbon is threaded through the holes in block and peg thus imprisoning the peg in the block. The spectator holds both ends of the ribbon. With out cover of any kind, the performer REMOVES the peg from the block! The peg has magically MELTED THROUGH the ribbon! Immediately hand out everything for examination. None of the pieces are gimmicked in anyway. Percision machining makes it all possible. Another “Classic” effect brought back to life using only the highest quality materials.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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