Sim Stones by Brian Watson

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Effect: This is the complete product, produced by Brian Watson. As with all his products, it’s all inclusive, and exceptionally well thought-out. It features both the unique Sim Stones manufactured by Brian along with the Sim Stone Manual – which has a foreword by Lee Earle.

Get the inside secrets on how to make “real money” in the real world of Psychic Fairs. The Sim Stone Manual comes complete with a set of Sim Stones, unlike Tarot or Runes, you will be an authority on Sim Stones – in no time at all!

Sim Stones have a very special secret indeed. Because they incorporate a built in memory system Sim Stones gives you the edge, you can give precise, accurate readings anytime, anywhere – even without the Sim Stones! How many Tarot decks or Rune sets can make that claim?

If you’re not impressed yet, how about a system that’s flexible enough to let you practice the difficult art of cold reading yet give you a firm base or script to get you back on track – if needed? Can you imagine a better system or product whether you are just starting out or already are an accomplished reader?

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