Shattered by Chance Wolf

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Effect: (Phase 1) A small double sided mirror is removed, from a velvet carrying case, and shown on both sides to be NORMAL. The mirror is SNAPPED against the edge of the table VISIBLY CRACKING the mirror. The mirror is shown to be severely cracked on BOTH SIDES. The mirror is pushed through the magician’s closed fist and shown to be completely RESTORED!

(Phase 2) The process is demonstrated once more however this time the mirror is shown in the open palm and slammed onto the table and hand is lifted revealing the mirror to be CRACKED again. The mirror is now VISIBLY restored by a rub of the fingers.

(Phase 3) The mirror is pushed into the magician’s hand. The velvet case is removed from the pocket and rubbed on the back of his hand. The hand is opened, showing that the mirror has VANISHED and magically RETURNS to the velvet case.

(Phase 4) Mirror is handed out for examination, showing BOTH SIDES normal. Mirror is held at finger tips, snapping it and VISIBLY the mirror is “SHATTERED” into many BROKEN PIECES.

Includes: One Gimmicked Shattered Mirror, One Un-Gimmicked Mirror, Two Hand Sewn Velvet Carrying Cases and Shattered Pieces along with 3 PAGES of Instructions Fully detailing the Routine , Patter and Pics showing ALL moves necessary.

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