Secret of the Pearls (Perlen-Geheimnis) by Magiro, Zauber Butike

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This is Magiro’s and Zauber Butike’s close-up version of Jack Hughes’ Pentra Spheres, which of course was popularized by Abbott’s as Hole in One, though it has been built by others (the most impressive of which was the one put how by Definitive Magic).

Effect: A high-quality plastic tray is shown with six colored marbles and a small glass in the center. The spectator gets to choose one and you cover the glass with a larger container face-down. Then you briefly cover the tray with a handkerchief. Say the magic words and when you reveal the tray again their chosen marble appears inside the glass still covered by the larger container. There is no force and any marble can be chosen.

Another close-up version of this effect was released by Magic Wagon as Mystic Mind Spheres which you might prefer.

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