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Rune Stone Mystery by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: During the Viking Age, the Vikings left their messages and characters (runes) engraved in stones. Each rune character had a special meaning.

In this experiment the spectator selects one of five stones with different rune characters. You first show all stones and explain what the characters mean. Then you turn over the stones and mix them. Now the spectator selects one. Absolutely no force. The selected character is marked on a card to remember. Put the stones back into the cloth bag. During the whole routine there is a small jewel box standing in full view on the table. Now you take the box and open it. Inside is a stone. Ask the spectator to take it out.


NOTE! The prediction can be different each time. This is a very strong and unique effect, performed with nicely made quite magical rune stones with engraved gold characters. The meaning of the characters make it possible to theme the presentation to fortune telling or personal character reading.

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