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Rubik’s Card by Indomagic Land

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This effect embodies the creative thinking and simplicity of the supremely talented Tommy Wonder. Download the videos to see Tommy in all his glory here.

Effect: A beautiful, handcrafted wooden box is shown, which contains several small cubes, of which there are different card pips on each cube. (None matching). The performer then takes the lid and covers the box and has a card selected.

The spectator is asked to concentrate on the card and it’s pips and then the spectator is told to take the lid off the box and magically, the once assorted cubes are now assembled in perfect color and order to reveal in splendor the picture of the chosen card!

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Approx. Price: $85.00 (2008) ***

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1 review for Rubik’s Card by Indomagic Land

  1. Sam Thielman

    Great prop for a fantastic effect from Tommy Wonder

    This is a very nicely made prop for Tommy Wonder’s Rubik’s Card routine, described in both Books of Wonder and the Visions of Wonder DVD series. Well made and thoughtfully constructed. Only slight negative is the light weight and soft finish of the wooden box. The small blocks are very artfully done and the mechanism is very reliable. All in all, a great piece and a fantastic effect.

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