Ringer by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: Performer displays an attractive walnut base with a black velvet bag covering an object as yet undisclosed. “Last week,” says the performer, “attended the unveiling of a new art work by a sculptor touted as a latter day Michelangelo.” Performer lifts the velvet bag to display a lucite silhouette of a hand. “I thought $75,000 was a bit much for this little trinket, but my wife would hear nothing of my protestations, and she bought it for my desk. Much to my delight, I found the hand had some use after all.” With this, the performer replaces the velvet bag. A finger ring is then borrowed, giving the performer the chance to use all available ring oneliners (“Hey, this is a nice ring–there’s a place here for a stone and everything” or “Thank you for the ring, Sir, nice inscription–“To Arnold with loving lust, Frank.” etc, etc) Ring is now vanished by ones “favorite method.” (We recommend the Owen’s Rattle Box.) Performer continues: “Your ring is now reduced to molecular ash, drifting somewhere within the confines of this room. Please raise your hand, Sir. If I could cause the ring to reappear on one of your fingers, before your eyes, would that be a miracle? No, in fact it would be sleight of hand, you should pardon the expression. But if it were to reappear on one of your fingers, which finger would you have it return to? (Spectator shows you which finger, leading to other comedic possibilities. Even a sigh of relief is worth a laugh or two here.) “But that would be too easy for, as you know, I deal not in sleight of hand trickery, but rather, in the real thing.” So saying, performer removes the bag from the lucite hand and there, on the same finger designated by the spectator, is the borrowed ring.

All items may be fully examined, it really is the spectator’s ring on that hand (no switches) and no phony finger forces, either. Now you may proceed with Ring Flight, linking finger rings, Ring on Wand or any other effect of this nature.

The beauty of this apparatus lies not simply in its simplicity and ingenuity, which is considerable, nor even in its craftsmanship, which is of the caliber you have come to expect from Collectors’ Workshop. The true beauty of this piece is in its ability to transport you gently between stage and close up, or vice versa. The gold ring on the jet black lucite is visible in even large auditoriums, although the effect is also suitable for parlor, club, or living room. The velvet bag serves as the carrying case for this fine piece of apparatus which, as usual, is stamped and numbered.

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