Ring in The Card Case by Gary Plants

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This is based upon Peter Kane’s effect The Ring in the Card Case from his book Another Card Session with Peter Kane (1971), only now the box can be shown cleanly on BOTH sides.

Effect: You have to see this to believe it! A ring vanishes during ANY ring routine and is found inside a card box that has been in plain view all the time.

“Gary Plants who is renowned for his work with gimmicked cards, came up with another method which, with his awesome craftsmanship, is totally deceptive and which leaves the spectator with no clue as to how it could be done.” — Phil Willmarth

“The ‘Ring in Card Box’ is a beautifully made prop and I recommend it.” — Mike Close

“Anyone who says that the days of fine craftsmanship in magic props is over has apparently never seen the work of Gary Plants. Gary has taken what was originally Peter Kane’s concept and has turned it into an extremely practical and deceptive prop that you’ll be proud to work with.” — Jim Sisti

Here’s another beautifully made gaff from Gary Plants. Gary has expanded on a Peter Kane idea to allow you to do the following effect. A finger ring is borrowed from a spectator. It vanishes. The magician picks up an empty playing card box that has been sitting on the table since before the trick began. He shakes the box. Something inside the box rattles. The box is cleanly shown on all sides. There are no openings that would allow anything to enter the box. The flap of the box is opened. The borrowed ring is dumped out.

In the original Peter Kane idea there was a hole cut in the bottom of the box. A small coin (like a dime) is taped to the inside of the box. This produced a “rattle” noise when the box was shaken. The use of this “rattle gaff” allowed the ring to be loaded into the box after the spectators thought that there was already something in it. (In Erdnase’s words we have changed the moment.) In Gary’s version there is no rattle gimmick, but the box can be cleanly shown on all sides and no opening is visible. Because of the strength of this, Gary believes that no rattle gaff is necessary. If you prefer the pre-load rattle aspect it is easy to tape a coin into Gary’s gaffed box.

Some sleight-of-hand is necessary, in particular you will need a convincing “put” or “take” vanish. I have not yet incorporated this trick into my Houdini Lounge repertoire, but I will tell you that Gary makes very sturdy gaffs, so the card box should function effectively for many performances. (As an aside I should tell you that I am still using the original Magnetized Cards gaff that Gary sent me in October of last year.) Gary provides you with a basic routine, but this is the type of trick that you will want to adapt to your personal mannerisms. The Ring in the Card Box is a beautifully made prop and I recommend it.

(Two important notes: Gary can modify the card box to accommodate a left-handed performer. If you do not specifically request a left-handed model you will get one designed for a right-handed person. Also, Gary can only accept checks or money orders. Please do not send him a credit card order.)

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, July 2001)
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