Ribbon Eternal by Mollo Magic

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These were produced in three sizes by Pat Mollo from Stamford, CT.  Steve Dusheck released an improved version c. 1979.

Effect: A beautiful 6″ x 3/4″ square tube covered with glistening brilliant prisms is displayed. It opens by merely bending it in half on its spring hinge. Spectators may look through the chimney-like tube both when it is closed or when it is opened. Performer then closes same and places a wide 45″ white “sneaker” shoe lace, running thru the length of the tube.

He then again bends the two halves of the tube so that they are parallel with each other and visibly cuts the white shoe lace. The tube is then closed and believe it or not the shoe lace is pulled through the tube, completely restored. It is truly the “Ribbon Eternal”! The stage size measures 12″ x 2″ and uses a 1″ wide 4′ long red grosgrain ribbon and can be done with two assistants.

(Ed Mishell – Genii Magazine, June 1977)
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