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Red Chinese Puzzle by Alan Warner

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Effect: This unusual item involves a geometrical puzzle made up of one red piece and several white pieces which are assembled within a small wooden box TO MAKE A COMPLETE SQUARE.

The pieces are tipped out and the puzzle is then reassembled in the box to form a complete square once again, but this time WITHOUT USING THE RED PIECE.

The lid is placed back on the box containing the completed all-white puzzle, attention is drawn to the odd red piece remaining on the table, and then the box is reopened to reveal that it now contains AN ALL-RED PUZZLE WITH ONE PIECE MISSING. The spare red piece is then fitted into position, completing the puzzle once more.


  • The box is 8.3 cms square and is made in solid, hand-polished teak.
  • A Chinese motif set in relief decorates the lid.
  • The two puzzles are made in white and red plastic.
  • This beautiful piece of apparatus, which is easy to handle and completely self-contained, is handmade by the originator of the effect.

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

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Approx. Price: $102.00 (2001) ***

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4 reviews for Red Chinese Puzzle by Alan Warner

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple magic, great props

    You show a chinese puzzle then first the spare hole dissappears finally to replaced by a puzzle of a totally different color with one slot for the missing piece!

    Great magic, direct and with wonderful props!

  2. George Guerra

    Magical and Entertaining Piece from Alan

    This is a very nice routine that I will give 5 stars because though the principle behind the magic is simple, the effect is very entertaining and the beauty of the teak box is simply outstanding. I love it!! Thanks, Alan.

  3. Doug Gorman

    Peiking Puzzler

    I just picked this piece up in an estate sale. Boy, was I lucky! This is typically beautifully crafted and marvelously conceived. What I like about almost all of Alan’s effects are the clever methods, and Red Chinese Puzzle is no exception. It is a steal at the current retail price. Get one!

  4. Joe V

    This is beautiful!! A puzzle within a puzzle!! Not only do you astound spectators after showing the puzzle with the red square in the center and then rearranging the pieces so there is now no room for the red square to fit. But then you take it to the next level, and put the lid on, and immediately remove it only to have created a whole new puzzle that is all red, with a place made just for the red square. This is a favorite of mine that I own. Beautifully made. I love Alan’s pieces of magic!!

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