Ranch Bird by Don Alan, Magic Inc.

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As featured on Magic Ranch, Don Alan’s famed routine: Ranch Bird.

Effect: Spectator freely selects a card from the deck, returns it, and the deck is cut. Magician counts off five cards into the spectator’s hand, one of which is the selected card. Spectator sees this as cards are shown him while being put into his hand. He is to hold the cards gripped between his two hands, until further instructions.

Performer now makes a circle of 12 cards on the table, and in the middle stands a cocky little bird. The bird goes into action, hops around pecking, as birds do, and stops – stops at one card out of the 12. Performer instructs spectator to look at the cards in his hand. He does – and is amazed to find he no longer has his card.

The card the bird has stopped at is turned over – it’s the spectator’s card!!

Just the thing for bars, for close-up, for parties, for fun in the Don Alan manner. He has done a fine instruction sheet on this for you, with all details and patter. We send you everything you need to do the trick at once.

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