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Quick Change (Invisible Quarters) by Ronjo, Loftus International

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This used to be sold as Invisible Quarters by Loftus International and before that The Invisible Coin sold by Tannen’s c. 1971.  A great visual effect that was a big favorite of Howard’s at The Trickery over Twenty years ago!  Use your own Glass and coins.

Effect: A fast pace multi phase visual onslaught! You start with a simple card trick or two. Almost any that you know will do. Then get board with your paste-boards. Invert a clear glass over the deck. Borrow and invisible penny from the audience and push it through the base of the glass. They see it and hear it! The only problem is that it is in fact a quarter. Or is it, when you slide the coin off the deck and into the glass, it visually turns into a penny!

Easy to do! No skill required!

Watch the reaction you will get and the looks of amazement.

Special Tally-Ho Deck is supplied but can still be used to perform several simple card tricks before your coin effect begins! Use your own glass and coins.

Made in U.S.A.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $25.00 (2021) ***

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