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Production Pad by Dean Dill

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Effect: A gorgeous velvet covered close-up pad with some ‘secrets’. The pad is a professionally sized 22″ by 15″. Covered in top quality black velvet on a rugged solid base. The pad allows you to steal four half dollars, a Jumbo 3″ coin and a packet of playing cards.

Here is the best part. Super coin man Dean Dill includes a Video cassette with the following KILLER routine: A spectator shuffles the deck thoroughly. You spread the deck on the mat face up to show it mixed. Picking up the deck you proceed to magically cut the four aces! The aces are moved at the end to reveal four half dollars have magically appeared beneath! You now perform an elegant and direct Matrix and finish with the production of a Jumbo 3″ coin!

This is clean, clean, clean. A joy to work on and use, Dean’s Production Pad is class equipment that you will be proud to own.

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Approx. Price: $139.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Production Pad by Dean Dill

  1. Andy Martin

    Needs Practice, but makes you look like an Expert!

    Dean Dill’s magic often requires some practice – not finger flinging but rather some basic handling that needs to be memorized. So his stuff makes you work a bit, but its well worth it since at the end you look a lot more talented than you reall are 🙂 Now what do you think of them apples?

  2. Anonymous

    The Best

    This is really a great trick. Not only is it not that hard, just some basic handeling, but it is mind blowing! With only a basic to medium skill level, you can look like an expert.

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