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Pocket Illusion by Astor

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Effect: A GRAND STAGE ILLUSION in the PALM OF YOUR HAND. It’s part magic, part puzzle, fully impossible.

A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN is DISSECTED into five pieces, REARRANGED, and then REASSEMBLED in the most magical way. No special moves, NO SLEIGHT-OF-HAND—the cards do all the work for you. In fact, after you perform the first phase of the trick, you can even hand out the five cards for examination.

Next comes the second phase in which the spectators will get to see the woman being cut up and mixed up FROM BEHIND. Once again, with a wave of the hand, the beautiful woman is magically reassembled.

All you have to do is remember the simple dealing sequence, which Rick Lax will teach you, via Instant Download included with your purchase. If you’ve always wanted to perform a large-scale deception with a gorgeous assistant but don’t yet have the means…POCKET ILLUSION IS THE TRICK FOR YOU!

Note: You can perform Pocket Illusion on ANY flat surface by dealing the cards out one at a time, or by spreading them out. Also, Rick will teach you how to accomplish the ‘perfect spread’ (as shown in the demo) using a magazine and a quick coat of Plasti-Dip (which can be found in your local hardware store) or the backside of a close-up mat.

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