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Pentra by Alan Warner

(c. 1988) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: A slim, open-ended wooden cover with a wide slot centred in it is shown. Next, a solid wooden blade with a decorative handle is lowered into the centre slot until the handle comes to rest on top of the cover (thus preventing the blade from slipping all the way through it), and then a small, beautifully decorated replica of an Egyptian Mummy is given to a spectator with instructions to try and slip it into one end of the cover and pass it right through it. Naturally, on attempting to do this, the spectator finds that the Mummy will go only part of the way into the cover because of the wooden barrier formed by the blade which has been placed through the centre of it.

The performer, however, on invoking the ancient powers of the Mummy, is able to pass the Mummy RIGHT THROUGH THE SOLID WOODEN BARRIER and out through the other end of the cover.

An amazing penetration which takes place right before the spectator’s eyes!


Each piece of apparatus is individually handmade with the gimmick specially designed so that it CAN BE LOCKED TO ENABLE ALL THE APPARATUS TO BE EXAMINED BY THE SPECTATOR, both before and after the presentation of the effect.


  • The Mummy is approximately 12.8 cms long and is made in thin wood and decorated with attractive wooden bandings.
  • An added feature is a small, natural gemstone which has been set into the headpiece.
  • The bandings have been fine-sanded and given several coats of clear varnish for protection.
  • The teak cover measures 10.2 x 5 cms (approx.) and has a natural, oil-polished finish.
  • The blade is part stained wood, part teak with a wooden band inlay on the decorative strip on its handle.

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

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Approx. Price: $225.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for Pentra by Alan Warner

  1. Andy Martin

    Colorful and Amazing!

    Alan Warner excels when he starts painting his pieces – they truly come alive! This is a great little effect that is easy to do and understand. You place the peg into the slot so that there is no way the mummy can penetrate … and yet it does. Right under their noses. You are left clean before and after!

    I have slowly but surely been rebuying a number of my favorite Alan Warner pieces since I sold my entire collection in 2003. It has been a real pleasure enjoying some of these wonderful moments all over again.

    And you know if I am buying it again it has to be good!

    Higly Recommended!

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