Pegasus Ultimate Ring Flight by Black Rabbit Magic

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Todd Karr founder of Black Rabbit Magic approached the classic Ring Flight effect by trying to solve issues that he had experienced with previous versions and produced this high-end version.

Effect: It uses a strong Kevlar thread. The ring is borrowed from a spectator and is placed inside a black velvet pouch. The pouch with the ring is vanished. Instead of the vanished ring appearing attached to the key clasp as in all other ring flights, the entire pouch is shown to be attached to the key clasp and the ring is found inside. The main selling point on this version is that there is no risk of losing or doing harm to the ring during the vanish and reproduction since the ring is safely inside the pouch.

According to Todd Karr these were the main reasons for creating Pegasus:

  1. most importantly, the callous disrespect for someone’s precious jewelry that a magician shows when he displays the spectator’s ring jangling unprotected among a bunch of house and car keys. Personally, I have very sacred memories attached to my rings, and I would never want to see my wedding ring or cherished finger ring locked on a key clasp with sharp-edged keys scraping it.
  2. the worry of losing the ring or any of the stones. We’ve all heard the horror stories. The velour bag in Pegasus also avoids inadvertent scratches from the clip or clasp.
  3. setting up the locking reel and clipping on the ring. Perhaps many of you solved this problem other ways, but by simply bringing out the bag with the line attached, the impracticality for a professional walk-around situation was corrected.
  4. the anticlimax and clean-up of the standard finish. With the normal Ring Flite, once the ring is seen on the clasp, the effect is over. You get your applause, then disengage the ring and hand it back for verification and are left with the case out in the open. With Pegasus, there is more dramatic suspense as the bag is seen on the clasp, removed, and handed to the spectator, who looks inside and finds…her ring! And while she’s opening the bag, you can safely put away your key case so there are no questions about examining it. I do like the suggestion of using a translucent bag that appears in this thread. But if you want to do a standard Ring Flite with no bag, you can just remove the velour sack and clip the ring onto our clasp.
  5. the problem of snapped lines or broken reels. Pegasus is super-dependable and I’ve been using the same one for years.
  6. the dismal look of most Ring Flites. Personally, I don’t want to pull out something that looks like a biker bought at a hardware store, or something so flimsy that there’s no sense of the ring truly being impossibly sealed inside. I think class is key in a magician’s performance, and that’s what we’ve tried to offer.
  7. Pegasus has a true ziparound case and not a tri-fold snap or a squeeze case, which I feel convey less of a sense of being sealed.

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