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Para-Dice Prediction by Trevor Lewis

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This brilliant idea from Trevor Lewis first appeared in the great book Trevor Lewis Close-Up by Phil Willmarth c. 1981 and subsequently released by Excelisior Productions that same year.

This is the re-launched set from Stevens Magic (hopefully with permission?).

Effect: A brilliant, concept in mentalism and magic! Hard to believe but true! Mentalism is certainly a popular form of entertainment in today’s world. Stories and routines centered around gambling are equally of great interest to modern audiences. Combining mentalism with gambling has always been a popular favorite of the world’s top mentalists.

From the creative mind of Trevor Lewis, Stevens Magic Emporium is proud to re-introduce to the magic community, “Para Dice.” This is a highly effective routine featuring picture cards of pairs of dice and utilizing a rarely-before-seen principle. The performer writes down a prediction of a number, the paper is folded, and is then placed in full view of the audience. The prediction is never again touched by the performer. Several “dice cards” are shown to the audience, each pair of dice totaling a different value. The cards are shuffled and one is chosen. It is truly a free selection as no “forcing” is required. The prediction is opened by an audience member, the number is read aloud, and the chosen “dice card” is revealed. The numbers match!

Contains several different cards with professional illustrations of dice. Ask a spectator to pick any card (no force of any kind). Mentalist predicts the number of the dice that an audience member chooses at random. Works on a deceptively clever principle which you will appreciate. This is a self-worker, easy to learn and perform yet looks looks impossible to the spectators.

“I have never in my 55 years in magic, seen this principle! This is a Great Optical Illusion!” – Joe Stevens

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $35.00 (2020) ***

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