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Oriental Card Dice by Michael Baker

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This is a wonderful double effect originally created by Vienna Magic and the inventive mind of Wolfgang Grosskopf.

Michael Baker has created the prettiest version of this wonderful effect. Dice are 1 1/8 inches. Box is beautifully finished in rich colors with wonderful Chinoiserie images in the style of Okito. Brass hardware. Boxes are lined with black velvet. Comes with instructions, cover cloth, carry/display box, and of course, the dice!

The effect requires two cards to be forced and a simple move which is certainly not big enough to call a sleight, plus you have the full cover of the silk to do it under. After thirty minutes you’ll have the workings of this down pat, and then of course you’ll just need to focus on your overall presentation.

Effect: you show 6 card dice on all sides and assemble them into a card shape. The card showing on both sides is all mixed up of course and you cover the whole stack with a silk. A spectator chooses a card (forced) and the silk is lifted and the card dice have transformed into their chosen card! The magician offers to perform it again but this time they choose a card and don’t look at it. The magician then reveals the card dice again and amid giggles from the audience he notices that instead of being a complete card it is a jumbled up mess. But never mind because when the spectator turns their card over it too is a jumbled up mess.

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Approx. Price: $150.00 (2014) ***

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