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Okito Voodoo Doll by Bruce Kalver

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Effect: This is one trick we have a hard time keeping in stock. Every demo is a sale.

Magician shows a realistic looking voodoo doll. It is placed in the spectator’s hand to look at. It is just a little straw doll. When the magician lays the doll in his palm, it suddenly comes to life rising like a mummy out of a casket and stands up straight! Spectators will believe that an invisible force is making it rise up and down. The doll is completely under your control. No wires or threads,

You may have seen Hiawatha perform this effect on a recent magic TV special.

For children, we call the doll a scarecrow who rises to scare the crows away. A magical effect that you will always carry with you.

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Approx. Price: $9.95 (2004) ***

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1 review for Okito Voodoo Doll by Bruce Kalver

  1. Matt Kielbiski

    Okito’s voodoo doll

    At first glance I didn’t think this was going to be a good trick. After I got my hands on one and played around with it I realized it’s potential. It uses a very seldom seen method. There are no threads, magnets, wires, etc. It is fairly easy to perofrm with some practice. All in all a great little close up trick.

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