No Turn Over Box by Woodrow Carpenter

(c. 1962,1971,1989) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is a version of Bobby Bernard’s The Bernard Coin Box which was remade by The Trickery c. 2001.  However, this version of Bobby’s box, made by Woodrow Carpenter c. 1989,  incorporates an improvement first devised by Sam Schwartz c. 1971 (and manufactured by Johnson for Tannen’s) which included a shimmed base and a magnetic lid such that you after showing the box empty you do not need to turn it over again to produce a coin.

It is probably my favorite variation of all of the many types of Okito Coin Box.

Effect: A clean effect is as follows …

Box rests on the out stretched fingers of your left hand. Patter along the lines that you store your gold chain (or string, sponge, etc.) in this special box. Remove the lid and show the contents. Remove the gold chain (so that the box is seen clearly empty) and replace the lid. Patter along the lines you also collect coins and keep them in the box too.

Box is still on the out stretched left fingers. Holding your left thumb on top of the box shake it up and down so coin can be heard inside. Remove lid with right hand and allow coin to be seen in the box. Pour coin onto the table and set the box on top of the lid.

Then through a series of similarly easy moves the coin can be placed clearly back inside the box and shown to penetrate the bottom of the box.

Bobbie Bernard Box as performed by Sam Schwartz:

It is precision made as only Johnson can make it. Just to mention two effects possible with this amazing box: Box as placed on back of hand, coin placed in box penetrates hand.

Another effect: A half dollar fits into box snugly, the lid of box is placed on it. (The box is opened and coin has vanished.)

Countless other effects will suggest themselves. This Okito box depends upon an entirely new and ingenious principle. It may be purchased in two styles – one in which the box and lid contain “metal shims” so that they are magnetizable and a straight one.

(Ed Mishell – Genii Magazine, July, 1971)
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