New Age Visible Prediction Trunk #1 of 25 by Brian Amrhein

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Whether you use this as a headline prediction a week before your big show or you hand it to a spectator at the beginning of the show or effect, you’ll love how clean and easy to perform this prediction chest is. If you are a fan of John Kennedy’s Mystery Box then you will feel right at home with this beauty. It is beautifully made and unlike many prediction chests has a glass window where you can see the prediction slip in the box during the whole effect. There were only 25 built, each one with its own engraved plaque and a certificate of Limited Edition, and this is in fact #1 of 25.

A note on the video demo – inside the locked box is a prediction taken from a week ago.  The headline is from today.  The spectators can see (though not really easily on the demo) the prediction inside the window from the week before.  Then during the performance the prediction is switched right in front of their eyes for the current prediction.  It all works very easily and naturally.  You show the box, show your hands empty, unlock the box and tip out the prediction that they see right up until it falls out into your hand.

Effect: A week prior to your performance, you make a prediction. For example, you predict what the morning headline will be on the day you open. You write your prediction on a slip of paper and place it into the trunk. Then, you lock the trunk and hand it over to the mayor, sheriff, whoever, for safekeeping. Please note that your prediction is visible through the custom glass front of the trunk at all times!! On the day your show opens, the trunk is brought forward by its custodian and unlocked. Your prediction is removed and shown to the audience-and your prediction is a dead-on match of the headlines from the towns morning paper!!

The best news is that the New Age Prediction Trunk does not use a gimmicked key or a gimmicked lock. (Have them use their lock if they wish!) And, again, your written prediction is visible through the custom glass front of the trunk the entire time!! 

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